Classic Tent and Event
Party Rental Equipment company
Call 734-891-2699 for a quick price check or quote.
Warehouse located at 800 Rickett rd Brighton MI
Visitors welcome by appointment
General Table info
  • All the folding tables that we currently rent out are in good to new condition, We don't buy beat out used tables
  • All of our tables are Wood Top with a polyurethane rim
  • All of our tables and chairs are made in the USA by the same company. So there is no worry about mixing and matching they will look like a matched set.
  • Any faulty tables are removed from service until they can be maintained or disposed of.
We have available for Rent:
  • 30" Round by 42" high "cocktail" tables (standing height)
  • 30" Round by 30" high "bistro" tables (sitting height)
  • 48" Round Tables
  • 60" Round Tables
  • 72" Round Tables
  • 6'X30" Banquet Tables
  • 8'x30" Full size Banquet tables
  • 8'x18" Banquet tables
  • 7'x30" Serpentine tables


Cocktail tables with a finished top and a chrome shaft.
We now have a mobile bar that can be rented out with the riser for $15.00 per section
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