Tent and Canopy Rentals in Brighton MI

Classic Tent and Event specializes in tent rentals. You can trust our professional delivery and set-up; we work with you from the planning stages through until your last guest goes home and we strike the tent. You can rest assured that your tent configuration will be perfect in every way. We maintain strict standards with our tents; they are clean and in top condition so that you need not worry about being disappointed. All of our tents are Wedding White and make a stunning statement at your event. Our tents are appropriate for all occasions, including graduations, family gatherings, company picnics, weddings...and much more.

~Marquee Tents~

Classic Tent and Event is proud to own some of the best tents in the industry, giving a unexpected level of quality and reliability to our customers. We specialize in Freestanding Frame Tents, also known as Marquee Tents, and Frame and Cable Tents, also known as High Peak Tents. Our Marquee tents have no need for guidewires and the centerpole is suspended inside the center of the tent, allowing more open square footage to be utilized. Since we specialize in Marquee Frame Tents we also offer much better pricing than many of our competitors. Please note: We will price match apples to apples, meaning the same brand and quality as our tents.
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~Tension Tents~

We also carry a very large 40 foot wide series of pole tents made buy Warner Shelter, the same company that makes our Marquee line. These tents share many of the same design features as our Marquee tents, such as aluminum legs/sidepoles. Some of the highlights of this tent are very dramatic 30 foot high peaks and a tent top so tight that it resembles a drumhead.
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~Modular Tents~

A unique advantage to our dedicated product line is flexibility. We can attach any one of our tents to any other tent in our inventory using a factory-designed joining system. This allows us to work in difficult spaces such as around trees in back yards or around landscaping, making the best and most efficient use of your space. Sometimes we are able to work in spaces others said just was not possible.
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